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Selected news/columns/editorials: 31.03.2016



Erdogan extends state of emergency

Putin's party make landslide victory in lower house

India invests in oil company of Russia

India jumps to 39th position in Global Competitive Index

Pakistan's position on Global Competitive Index

Pakistan's special envoy to brief America about Pakistan's efforts against millitancy 

Taliban envoy visits Pakistan for serious talks

Taliban come to Pakistan to brief Pakistan government about their talks with Kabul in Doha

Afghan Taliban's visit to China

Afghan Taliban's visit to china (Reuters)

Afghan force, there numbers dwindling sharply, face Taliban Resurgency. 

Taliban were about to take Orzgan's capital

Taliban take Kunduz

Gulbadin Hekmatyar signs a deal with Afghan Government

Taliban-Afghan Government Peace Talks

China Considers larger role in Afghan peace process

Morsi sentenced for 20 years

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