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It was with the groundbreaking ceremony of National Officers Academy that Mr M. S. Mazhar established the first exclusive academy to offer preparatory classes for the competitive examination of Pakistan, in Islamabad on 7th of May 2007. However, at some later stage, Mr M. S. Mazhar established a new institute titled Nova CSS Academy to offer a more rigorous programme for quality conscious candidates for the competitive examination. By and by Nova CSS Academy became more successful and popular with the students and the name of Nova CSS Academy overshadowed the name of National Officers Academy.

Today, Nova Academy is the most reputed private institution in Pakistan for the purpose of preparing young university graduates for competitive examinations. Nova combines cutting edge technology with a vibrant pedagogical methodologies and research to continue its proud heritage of commitment and achievement. The Academy’s extent of expertise in research-based teaching encompasses all the subjects prescribed for the competitive examinations.

Attracted by its international reputation and commitment to innovation and excellence in all areas of learning, students come to seek admission to Nova from all over Pakistan. Over the years, it has been seen that students studying at Nova have the highest probability of clinching high positions in their respective competitive examinations and a plethora of other job-oriented examinations.

Nova undertakes an ingeniously created atmosphere which is highly conducive to goal-oriented preparation. Our well-researched notes, interactive lectures, highly strengthening internal exams, and several other devices make Nova CSS Academy a very effective medium to spread out learning stamina and shape up personalities of those who aspire to enter Central Superior Services of Pakistan. Nova ensures that Novians quickly ingest the requisite academic excellence and intellectual skills to be far ahead of others in the competition.

Our teachers' professional expertise and motivational commendation help students improve their efficiency, competitiveness and confidence in their career pursuits. 

Some Essays
Crisis of governance in Pakistan

Status of women in Islam (Urdu)

Information technology and feminism 

Education system in Pakistan

Plight of children in Pakistan

Water crisis in Pakistan

Pakistan's poor management of natural resources

War on terror has contributed to the abuse of human rights

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Forum Category Topics Posts Last Post
Name Session Marks Service/Group Grade
Sarah Rehman Session 2014 - PAS 17
Muhammad Umar Session 2009 ... Audit & Accounts 17
Shariq Tanveer Session 2011 ... IRS 17
Captain Shoaib Ali Session 2011 x PAS 17
Hassan Harn Hote Session 2007 x PAS 18
Muhammad Ali Asghar Session 2010 x PAS 17
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Top Past CSP Of CSS Nova Academy
  • Kamran Mumtaz - Grade: 17
    Session:2008 - Marks:9th Position
  • Faisal Shehzad - Grade: 17
    Session:2008 - Marks:11th Position
  • Maryam Mumtaz - Grade: 17
    Session:2008 - Marks:15th Position
  • Syed Muhammad Bilal - Grade: 18
    Session:2008 - Marks:25th Position
  • Muhammad Riaz - Grade: 17
    Session:2009 - Marks:25th Position
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