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AdvertisementWelcome to most vibrant and informative website of Nova CSS Academy, which will provide you complete information about the competitive examination of Pakistan. This purpose-built website provides a special portal for the registered students where they log in to access our notes, selected videos on current affairs and the latest news items gleaned from a plethora of sources from around the world to keep them abreast of the latest current affairs

Nova has achieved outstanding prestige because of the dedication and spirited team work of the faculty members, research officers, administrative staff and alumni. Going through all pages of this website will provide you ample knowledge to discern what makes Nova so helpful, so special, so different.

Nova/NOA has unprecedentedly high ratio of allocations of its alumni to top services or groups. Some prominent students receiving Mr. M.S.Mazhar's individual teaching and those preparing at Nova/NOA who clinched impressive positions include Mr. Fida Hussain (1st in Pakistan), Mir Reza Ozgen (2nd in Pakistan), Mr. Muhammad Afzal (5th in Pakistan), Ms. Adeela Hafeez (7th in Pakistan), Mr. Kamran Mumtaz (9th in Pakistan), Mr. Faisal Shehzad (11th in Pakistan), Ms. Maryam Mumtaz, Syed Muhammad Bilal,Mr.Osama Ahmed, Mr. Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mr. Kamran Nawaz, Mr. Amjad Hayat, Mr. Hasam bin Iqbal, Ms. Marya Jabeen, Mr. Altaf Hussain, Mr. Shahbaz Elahi, Mr. Jawad Tariq, Mr. Sajid Ameer Sadozai, Mr. Irfan Nawaz Memon, Mr. Muhammad Riaz, Miss Amna Rafiq, Mr. Kamran Khan, Captain Shoaib Ali, Mr. Sheryar Arif Khan, Mr. Waqas Latif Mughal, Mr. Muhammad Shakeel, Ms. Batool Asadi, Ms. Shahana Khalil and Miss Bushra Iqbal Rao.However, the number of successful candidates from this academy runs into hundreds. 

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Name Session Marks Service/Group Grade
Kamran Mumtaz Session 2008 9th Position Police 17
Faisal Shehzad Session 2008 11th Position Police 17
Maryam Mumtaz Session 2008 15th Position DMG 17
Muhammad Riaz Session 2009 25th Position DMG 17
Adeela Hafeez Session 2008 7th Position DMG 17
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