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Mass media and perception about terrorism
  1. How American mass media propagated the Afghan Taliban’s image as terrorists before attacking Afghanistan (1998-2001)
  2. The 9/11 incident’s videos were propagated in the entire world maligning the image of the Muslims 
  3. How American and Western mass media painted Sadam Hussain as the greatest terrorist ready to destroy the world with his nonexistent weapons of mass destruction 
  4. A Muslim’s act of violence is called an act of terrorism, but when a non-Muslim kills many people the mass media do not relate it with terrorism
  5. American and European mass media propagated the concept that Pakistan is the safe haven of terrorists
  6. The western mass media was extensively exploited to propagate the idea that Islam encourages extremism and terrorism
  7. The Indian mass media and entertainment media also depicted Pakistan as a terrorist state
  8. Mumbai attacks were hyped by India to fix the whole blame on Pakistan
  9. Indian and western media blamed Pakistan for Samjhota express incident
  10. Hamas is fighting against atrocities of Israeli forces but the western media and countries call it a terrorist organisation and remain silent on Israeli atrocities
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