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Nova promises the best faculty in the country. It is the only CSS academy in Pakistan which has the maximum ratio of CSS officers and PhD professors in the faculty. Each teacher is very well known to the well-informed candidates who are vigilant enough to track 'who-is-who' in the field of CSS academies. Nova CSS Academy has hired such pedagogues as are endowed with great genius, vast knowledge, full command on their subjects and devotion to teaching. While hiring the faculty members, special attention was paid to their experience of teaching CSS candidates. The administration makes sure that each faculty member at Nova utilises his or her full potential to lead the candidates right on to the target and make him/her excel in CSS examination.

M. S. Mazhar 

Subjects: English, Islamiat, Current Affairs
Mr M. S. Mazhar pioneered the first exclusive academy for the sole purpose of preparing candidates for Competitive Examination, in Islamabad in May 2007. This academy is now undisputedly the most reputed institute offering preparatory classes to the candidates for the competitive examination. He has a proven track record of enabling hundreds of students to clinch highly rewarding and honourable positions with the Central Superior Services of Pakistan, Provincial Management Services of different provinces and a number of other prestigious organisations like IB, FIA and NAB. His student Mr Fida Hussain Shah grabbed the 1st position in Pakistan in the Competitive Examination-2006, whereas Mir Reza Ozgen got the 2nd position in CSS Examination in 2011. Dozens of his students are now serving in the Police Service of Pakistan as ASPs and SPs as well as in the Pakistan Administrative Service as Assistant Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners. 

Mr Tariq Iqbal Khan 
(Deputy Commissioner IRS)

Subjects: Political Science, History of Pakistan & India, Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs
Mr Tariq Iqbal Khan has been teaching at Government College, Lahore from 1999 to 2005 until he passed the CSS Examination and got allocated to Inland Revenue Service of Pakistan. He is now serving as Deputy Commissioner IRS. He is an M. Phil. in Political Science and has earned country-wide renown for being a true guide in History of Indo-Pak, Current Affairs and Pakistan Affairs. 

Mr Badar Ehsan 
(Office Management Group) 

Subjects: Geography, Public Administration
Mr Badar Ehsan joined the Central Superior Services in 2011. Works at Ministry of Interior & Narcotics Control, Ministry of Interior & Narcotics Control and Central Superior Services Of Pakistan. He is holding an M.Sc. degree in Geology. He is a geography specialist with a reasonably long experience of teaching geography at different academic levels. He has been teaching geography at this academy for last 3 years. 

Mr Hasan Abdullah 
(Office Management Group) 

Subjects: Muslim History & Culture, History of the USA
Mr Hasan became a CSS officer after passing CSS Exam-2011. He is a very committed and exceptionally hard working person. He has a strong grip on the world history. Islamic History & Culture and History of the USA are his areas of special interest. He has been teaching at Nova for 3 years. 

Mr Awais Hussain Farooqi 
(Section Officer, Ministry of Commerce & Trade Group)

Subjects: Sociology, Business Administration, International Relations
You will find Mr Farooqi as a very inspiring civil servant and a very committed guide to lead the candidates to the target of achieving civil services of Pakistan. Having secured several academic degrees Mr Farooqi finds a great satisfaction and jubilation to be a beacon of light for the new aspirants of central superior services. 

Mir Reza Ozgen 
(DMG/PAS Officer)

Subjects: (Not a Regular Faculty Member)
Mr Reza Ozgen achieved the 2nd position in CSS Exam-2011 by securing highest marks in the interview and joined Nova as a faculty member to guide new candidates in the light of his own experiences and achievements. He delivers some general motivational lectures for encouraging the new aspirants of the Central Superior Services of Pakistan. 

Mr Sheryar Arif Khan 
(DMG/PAS Officer)

Subjects: International Law, Muslim Law & Jurisprudence
Mr Sheryar Arif Khan prepared for the CSS Exam at Nova CSS Academy and secured top position in the province of KPK. He is a distinction holder Law graduate from International Islamic University, Islamabad. He has been teaching International Law and Muslim Law & Jurisprudence at this academy for last two years. 

Prof. Dr Hanif Khalil

Subjects: Pushto
Prof. H. Khalil is PhD in Pushto. He is also an author of several books on Pushto language and literature. He is a permanent faculty member at one of the top-ranking universities of Pakistan. 

Prof. Dr Inam-ul-Haq 
Subjects: Arabic
Prof. Dr Inam-ul-Haq is PhD in Arabic He is an erudite scholar of Arabic language and literature. He is a permanent faculty member at one of the top-ranking universities of Pakistan.
Prof. Jawad Shafi
Subjects: Urdu

Prof. Jawad Shafi is M.Phil. in Urdu. Apart from his academic excellence, he has a great deal of interest and expertise in teaching Urdu Literature at a higher level. He has been teaching Urdu Literature and Urdu General Paper for Punjab Public Service Commission at Nova for the last four years. He is serving at OPF Boys College, H-8/4, Islamabad. 

Mr Arslan Haider

Subject: Punjabi
Mr Arslan Haider joined the Central Superior Services in 2012. Prior to passing the competitive exam, he was working as Vice Principal at the renowned Chenab College, Jhang. He made his own preparation for the competitive examination in 2011 at Nova CSS Academy. He has done M.Sc. in Economics and Finance from International Islamic University, Islamabad. He has been allocated to Military Lands & Cantonment Group.  

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